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Explore our partner programs, find the one that's right for you, and let's start growing together — NOW.

Why Partner With NOW

At NowVertical Group, partners are critical members of our community. The NOW Partner Program provides you, our value-added resellers & system integrators, the training, support, and resources you need for success.

Increased Discounts

Sales Enablement & Tech Support

Executive Sponsorship

Marketing Support

Program Overview

Exceptional Profit & Growth Opportunity

Exceptional Profit & Growth Opportunity

NowVertical Group invests in our Partners through deal registration and incentive programs. We also work with our Partners to surpass your sales goals with marketing campaigns, leads, and joint business planning.

Comprehensive Partner Team

Comprehensive Partner Team

Work smarter with expert assistance from channel account managers, sales engineers, and our experienced marketing professionals. We will work with all teams to ensure you have knowledge of our offerings, sales process, and all of the ways we can work together to generate qualified NowVertical Group leads for your organization.

2 Ways to Partner With NOW

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Reseller Affiliate Partner Program

NowVertical Group’s Affiliate Reseller Partner Program is for anyone who wants to gain monetary perks for reselling our products and services to your customers, friends and associates.

Referral Partner Program

We believe in the power of recommendations and referrals. Word-of-mouth is still one of the most influential touchpoints in sales. You share the wealth when you send potential clients our way who signup with us. We call that a win-win.