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The NowVertical Group acquires and builds leading Data Analytics Software & Services companies from targeted industries.

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We offer clients a complete suite of software and human analytics services to better understand, manage and utilize their data.

We help the world’s best businesses win in the digital economy.
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Our core data fusion and analytics company. We give our clients the ability to make smarter decisions by using all of the data at their fingertips.

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Designed to create a distributed processing pipeline, this fusion engine is horizontally scalable to meet the demands of varying data volumes, with fault tolerance built in.


Leveraging rapidly evolving technologies, managing substantial increases in data holdings, and keeping pace with and applying advanced analytic techniques.

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Fusing billions of records across disparate data sources, helping companies collect more of their data, enrich it to make it more useful, and discover meaningful insights.

Our Ideal Partner

We look to partner with established, market leading companies that have outstanding management, consistent profitability and clear future growth.


Data Analytics Software
& Service Companies


Small to mid-sized software or services firm (min. of $250k EBIT)


A customer base of
15 to 100’s


Consistent earnings and growth

Generally EBITDA/revenue + revenue growth of 20% or more per year

Experienced and committed management team

The Range of Enterprise Data Maturity

Elementary Data Use

Data is siloed and/or entirely untapped. Analysts, if they exist, are analyzing data solely through spreadsheets.

Developing Basic Capabilities

IT department beginning to formalize data availability for business managers.

Investing Resources

Use of external data sources is introduced. Content types remain siloed.

Building Out Data Teams

Data is now used to drive performance and innovation. C- Level hires such as “Chief Data Officer” appear in the mix.

Data Fueling

Data is central to the business strategy. Chief Data Officer holds Board of Directors esteem.

Although companies are growing to understand the value of their data, their ability to access, manipulate, and drive value from it ranges from basic to sophisticated. NVG has solutions that are relevant no matter where on this spectrum companies are found.

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Featured Client Story

the challenge
Global Automotive Company

Global Automotive Company had no way to discern between fleet-wide issues vs one-off anomalies.


In 2014, incurred a 30 million-vehicle recall involving a faulty ignition switch. 125 deaths over 12 years.


$2.6 billion in penalties and settlements; $900 million fine.


Global Automotive Company tasked with revolutionizing approach to vehicle safety.

the solution
Our Approach

We were engaged to revolutionize Global Automotive Company’s safety analytics practice.


Fusion of up to 50 siloed structured/ unstructured databases.


Conducted Machine + Human analysis of billions of data records in real-time.


Identify safety issues in weeks, not years.


Streamlined vehicle safety management, fleet-wide.

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We believe that the best operators will win in any market and economy and we seek partners who have equal parts desire and capability to succeed, like we do.

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