Vertical Intelligence.
For Everyone.

Advancing the world‘s leading businesses, brands, and entities on their automation journey with technology that meets your needs.

How does Vertical Intelligence (VI) work?

Intelligence can‘t be a one-size-fits-all solution. It‘s specialized. It‘s built to address you and your organization‘s specific needs. And it‘s developed with battle-hardened, industry-specific experience at its core.

VI was built by the executives and thoughtleaders who know your data, your process, your teams, and your requirements, providing easily deployed, scalable automations that will advance your speed to solution, fast.


Advance your journey to automated insights. Our VI suite of solutions and services will build on your current stack and process to help you realize greater gains across your organization. Safety, quality, security, and savings, all at your fingertips.


Deploy now for solutions in days and weeks instead of months and years. Fully cloud-compatible technologies with a focus on minimizing churn across teams within your organization. Easier access for quicker results.

Scalable & Affordable

Only pay for the pieces that fit for you. Our range of VI products can work in your stack from top to bottom or plug-and-play, so you can easily scale your investment and still trust in the quality of your results.

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NOW Origin

Fuse, secure and mobilize data with a range of platform-agnostic and fully compliant cloud-based products.

NOW Solutions

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Solve the world‘s hardest problems with our team of industry experts and specialists.

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Map and analyze enterprise and partner data with graph analytic technologies built directly into Snowflake.

Training & Onboarding

Get more from your team through highly detailed and personalized trainings to bring VI solutions to bear.