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We help the world‘s best businesses win in the digital economy.

The NowVertical Approach

NowVertical is a Data Analytics Software & Services company whose mission is to help customers win in the digital economy by providing invaluable tools to make data-informed decisions through diagnostic, predictive, or prescriptive models.


Develop a broad customer base that spans private industry and government. We acquire leading data and analytics companies and provide them with the collaboration and capital needed to allow them to achieve their full growth potential.


We only acquire companies with aligned values and those with the desire to be part of a larger team, sharing best practices while maintaining their autonomy. We offer our portfolio companies the expertise they need to achieve growth.


We target companies with complementary product and service offerings to the end user market. Our preferred corporate targets have an established customer base with strong monthly recurring revenues.

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NowVertical’s Offerings


NOW Analytics Toolkit: We ensure our clients can easily leverage and maximize all of their data holdings with a flexible, scalable, and affordable combination of tools


Analytic and technical services: We provide private industry and government with a range of relevant and timely services


Our technology and analytics teams draw on experiences forged in the most elite and technically advanced elements

Use Cases

Our team is expert in the development and tailoring of use cases for our global clients