Why choose NowVertical?


Start-ups won’t succeed without market traction and trial and most Big Companies struggle with innovation. NowVertical brings start-ups and big companies together to create long lasting value and growth through our partner-first approach


Our team has lead some of the most innovative Finetch projects in the world. We have also founded and exited many great companies serving the banking and financial services space. Our founder Daren Trousdell is a thought-leader and frequent speaker on Start-Ups and Innovation.


The NowVertical network include some of the world's largest and most influential companies hungry to find the next global innovation and transformational products. NowVertical has the proprietary insights into what problems are most pressing at these organizations and how to get the best solutions in front of the decision makers. Our portfolio companies also provide great mentorship and other integration opportunities.


We understand the challenges of starting and growing a start-up in including sales, fundraising and hiring. We help build the strategies to make your venture successful and investable, plus we provide the tools to manage the process the whole way through including investor presentations, reporting, key staff identification and hiring and much more.


Moving from start-up to growth stage is the hardest thing to accomplish for most start-ups. Our belief is quick and powerful market penetration is what drives the best outcomes. NowVertical will set your company on the path to growth with our collaborative approach and strategic partner alignments.

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