Private/Public Sector: Open Source Analytic Training

Client Challenge

Challenge 01

Need analysts to more confidently and efficiently discover, assess, and utilize open source data

Challenge 02

Require analytic staff to properly correlate, source, vet, validate, and incorporate open source data into relevant, timely, and actionable products

Challenge 03

Better understanding of how data handling and interaction can significantly limit or altogether remove perceived obstacles

Challenge 04

Provided resources analysts need to think critically/tactically

Challenge 05

Understand how to properly navigate compliance and privacy requirements inherent to open source data

NowVertical Solution

Solution 01

Provide open source analytic training focusing on data correlation, convergent/divergent thinking, sourcing, vetting and validation, and identifying bias and propaganda

Solution 02

Enable greater proficiency in crafting and contextualizing pertinent information for production, dissemination, and decision-making

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