Private/Public Sector: Cyber Security

Client Challenge

Challenge 01

Cyber crimes continue to increase as well as the cost of discovery and protection against intrusion

Challenge 02

Cyber analysts must contend with a myriad of highly structured data sets such as network telemetry and synthetic testing and virtual software agent data to API and packet data, most of which is not co-located

Challenge 03

Correlation of the connected components within these data sets can be time-consuming and potentially overlooked by the analysts charged with the timely detection of internal or external threats

NowVertical Solution

Solution 01

Data fusion can enable cyber analysts to be able to standardize the data processing pipeline and fusing data from all relevant sources, creating more efficient query management, streamlining analytic workflows, enabling higher confidence discovery and more complete data analysis and faster production and delivery

Solution 02

Maximizes the capabilities of an organization's existing technical investment regardless of the network performance monitoring and diagnostic (NPMD) platforms being used, saving money and ensuring cyber analysts are more effective and efficient

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