Private/Public Sector: AML / KYC / Compliance

Client Challenge

Challenge 01

Complications with aggregating and discovering large volumes of content as a result of stovepiped and disconnected data from private and federal sources

Challenge 02

Difficulty optimizing analytic resources for high-volume screening, due diligence, investigations, and alerting as a result of limited data correlation leading to false positives

Challenge 03

Delayed or unreliable verification of clients identity and suitability as it relates to risk mitigation, transaction monitoring, sanctions monitoring, and financial crime compliance

NowVertical Solution

Solution 01

Fusion provides a standardized data processing pipeline and fused data repository for data from all relevant sources and enables the application of machine learning/AI algorithms to run consistently across multiple data sources from BSA and OFAC to FinCEN and FFIEC to daily transactional data generated by global financial institutions

Solution 02

Creates more efficient query management for all users and helps streamlines analytic workflows in critical areas such as supply chain, quality, and safety

Solution 03

Enables higher-confidence discovery, more complete data analysis, and faster production and delivery can also assist manufacturers by giving them better awareness of workforce efficiencies

Solution 04

Data fusion also assists in maximizing the capabilities of an organization's existing technical investments with an open-standards, technology-agnostic processor

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