Private Sector: Travel Awareness and Threat Analysis Training (TATM)

Client Challenge

Challenge 01

Expansion of travel into high-risk regions by executives, high net wealth individuals, and adventure seekers

Challenge 02

Increase in safety and security issues ranging from corporate espionage and surveillance to theft and bodily harm

Challenge 03

Understanding how to properly implement the appropriate physical and virtual safety and security measures while living, traveling, and conducting business abroad

NowVertical Solution

Solution 01

Develop practical knowledge of how to efficiently plan and execute personal or business travel

Solution 02

Demonstrate proven pre-movement research, due diligence, geographic area orientation and planning, and establishing conditions for safe travel

Solution 03

Teach proven techniques and methods for continuous assessment of regional conditions and environments in order to contextualize threats to individual, group, or corporate interests

Solution 04

Mentor the development of proficiency in implementing sound mitigation processes at the corporate, individual, or group level

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