Private Sector Tech: Data Fusion

Client Challenge

Challenge 01

Copious amounts of generated data stored in disconnected repositories throughout an organization

Challenge 02

Analytically valuable data may exist both internally and externally

Challenge 03

Discovery of connected data across disparate repositories with a single query is difficult

Challenge 04

Valuable insights from analogous data are often not found in a timely manner or are missed altogether

Challenge 05

Limited analytic resources means thorough analytic production takes longer or is not possible

Challenge 06

Internal data science investments in machine learning/AI algorithms cannot easily be expanded and leveraged on data throughout organization

NowVertical Solution

Solution 01

Provides standardized data processing pipeline and fused data repository for data from all relevant sources

Solution 02

Enables application of machine learning/AI algorithms consistently across multiple data sources

Solution 03

Creates more efficient query management for all users

Solution 04

Streamlines analytic workflows

Solution 05

Enables higher-confidence discovery, more complete data analysis, and faster production and delivery

Solution 06

Maximizes the capabilities of an organization's existing technical investments with an open-standards, technology-agnostic processor

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