Private Sector Tech: Analytic Consulting for Corporate Reputation Monitoring

Client Challenge

Challenge 01

Need better and faster awareness of publicly accessible comments and conversations and burgeoning issues as they arise

Challenge 02

Understanding of both internal and external perceptions of organizational successes and vulnerabilities

Challenge 03

Need to showcase achievements on matters such as robust and effective diversity and inclusion strategies that address all levels of the current and future workforce

Challenge 04

Analytic augmentation of staff dedicated to developing and incorporating diversity and inclusion policies and programs

NowVertical Solution

Solution 01

Provide analytic products focused on identifying relevant information an organization may not know about and which could have negative or positive implications

Solution 02

Identify the nexus of any alleged issues and their point of emanation

Solution 03

Vet and validate all analytic findings to ensure that they are genuine

Solution 04

Provide analytic deep dives on validated leads generated from the findings

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