Developing the Vertically Intelligent Enterprise

Leveraging the Entirety of Your Data

The future is a vertically intelligent, automated enterprise. But without access to the entirety of your data holdings, you’re going to be left behind.

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Centralizing your data and opening up accessibility for users of all levels – all without having to replace the work you’ve already done.

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Breaking down silos and encouraging teamwork across organizations, so each group can benefit from collective accomplishments.

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Working smarter, not harder, and building upon your human capital by implementing tech-enabled analysis.

Proven Experience

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NOW teams provide decades of experience planning, building, and implementing enterprise-level solutions for some of the largest organizations in the world.

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Safely Providing Data Access at Scale

Fuse, enrich, and safely share all your data. Ingest data of all kinds – regardless of structure – using NOW Fusion. Provide access to analysts across the enterprise and conduct in-depth analysis in NOW DataBench. Leverage analytic capabilities that run the gamut from geospatial to statistical to time series to categorical – all in a single location. Have confidence in your data’s safety. Restrict and track access to sensitive data with NOW Privacy. Control and monitor access and authorization across the entirety of your users. Audit and analyze access, protect PII and PHI, and do it all across teams, geographies, and languages. Partner without sacrificing privacy. Share customer data and insights while mitigating risk of exposure. Affinio Snowflake’s multi-party applications run natively inside Snowflake’s Data Warehouse, requiring no data movement. Share applications instead of actual data, meaning you can partner with other organizations while remaining confident in your data’s safety and integrity. Customer profiling, propensity modeling, segment overlap, and more – all done with the confidence that your data is perfectly safe along the way.

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Training Your Team for the Future

Augment your analytics workforce. NOW Solutions has the industry-specific, deeply experienced analysts you need to solve the world’s toughest problems. Embed purpose-driven team members to audity, identify, and address your most pressing issues. Build toward the future. Solutions will identify the processes, procedures, and methodologies needed to bridge your teams’ gaps and equip them with the skills necessary to get it done. Our goal? Help your team learn to help themselves.

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Addressing Security and Infrastructure

Data is the key to a more secure enterprise. Collecting, analyzing, and identifying the data points that could expose your physical and cyber infrastructure is key to future success. As organizations and their executives come under greater scrutiny and pressure, it is critical to establish the security posture necessary to keep your teams safe and secure. The NOW Solutions team brings decades of experience to identifying and addressing issues of physical and cyber security through the collection and analysis of internal and external data. Our teams are available to both implement and train your in-house experts to mitigate and offset future threats.


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