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Comprehensive CRM structure to help expand and grow your business while continually improving your marketing performance.

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What We Do

We have developed a proven method to guide you toward making the right decisions for business strategy and investment processes. The industry experts at NOW Solutions will provide you with the most detailed and rigorous analysis available.

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What We Do Starts With Knowing What You Do

NOW Solutions takes the guesswork out of making essential business strategies and investment decisions regarding the future direction of your marketing processes. Why would you make gut decisions on the most crucial aspects of your business model?

Data Capture

Technology information specialists will capture all of your relevant business and consumer data. We will then collect or append additional data as required.

Process and Normalize

Utilize sophisticated normalization and standardization algorithms to process and cleanse the data for analytics and modeling.

Analytics and Insights

Execute detailed analytics to build a new understanding of consumers and businesses to create insights and identify new opportunities.

Strategy and Solutions

Develop marketing strategy and business solutions based on the insights generated.

NowVertical + Adobe

Through NOW Solution’s engagement with Adobe, it was discovered that relationship marketing enhancements led to a 39% increase in Customer Lifetime Value. This equated to an LTV Lift from Relationship Marketing that delivered $815 Million in Incremental Customer Value.

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