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Equipping Your Teams with Superior Intelligence

Customer behavior is constantly shifting. Attention spans are shorter than ever. Data-based customer insights are critical for success as the world continues to get noisier and competition remains stiff.

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Customer profiling

Using all of the data at your fingertips to truly understand what your customers want and need.

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Propensity modeling

Identifying and scoring behavioral attributes to structure campaigns and determine success.

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Data collaboration

Working across teams, units, and partners in a wholly safe way, increasing your ability to learn, grow, and succeed.

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Helping organizations and agencies unlock the power of their data to win business, increase sales, and develop compelling creative campaigns to grow their brand.

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Use All Your Data to Win More Than Just Awards

It’s time to make the work, work. Customer insights are the single best way to build optimized, smart campaigns that actually hit your KPIs. But everyone has access to 3rd party data and research. Leverage any and all data on your company’s Snowflake Data Warehouse via Affinio Snowflake for a true competitive advantage. Conduct machine-enabled research and quickly pull the findings that are specific to your customers and industry for hard-hitting briefs to inform media and creative strategy. Only buy media for the audiences that truly matter. Optimize first party media lists by layering propensity models that score and prioritize customers against target conversion criteria. Automatically create robust lookalike models based on first party data seeds within strategic publishers’ and enrichment partners’ Snowflake environments. Find the social audiences that care. Unpack social audiences and uncover unexpected clusters. Use Affinio Social to automatically group and identify the audience segments in any conversation so you can build the content and engage in the discussions that matter most. Validate that your marketing efforts are gaining traction with the audiences that matter most to your brand and build future campaigns and partnerships around the findings.

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Partner Safely and Never Expose Your Data

Collaborative but safe. Share data on the application level and access strategic partners’ Snowflake environments with Affinio Snowflake privacy-first apps. Partnership opportunities are often held back by safety and security concerns, especially when dealing with PII and transactional figures. CPG brands and agencies can now leverage one another’s data and findings for more powerful partnerships.


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