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NowFusion was designed to create a flexible distributed data processing pipeline. The system is horizontally scalable to grow with the size, speed, and complexity of your data


Combine structured, unstructured, and multi-structured data from many disparate public or private data sources and transform it into a standards-based, extensible format


Apply content analytics through entity extraction and tailored categorical analysis, leveraging current NLP techniques to match issues in textual data to a user's specific domain


Provide a fused unified data set that can be searched and queried using methodologies, tools, and technologies specific to a user's requirements and analytic needs

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Collect and Fuse An Unlimited Amount of Disparate Data Sets

NowFusion brings internal and external data into a fused environment to put all of your data at your fingertips. Whether the data is structured or unstructured, public or private, in a relational, NoSQL, or file store, NowFusion brings your data together in a scalable and tailored way.

NowFusion transforms data into a standards-based, extensible format and incorporates industry-leading data cleansing and validation procedures to ensure the highest levels of data quality and integrity.

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Content Analytics for Data Enrichment

NowFusion incorporates deep content analytics to enrich and augment your data. Tailored categorical analyses leverage the latest NLP techniques to match issues in your textual data to your specific analytic needs. Rule-based analysis allows NowFusion to combine and match individual issues into larger concepts.

NowFusion‘s adaptable architecture also allows integration of your own analysis methods and machine learning models to provide a single scalable data analysis pipeline to enrich all of your data.

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Unify Teams With a Common Set of Data

The result of the NowFusion process is a readily accessible, unified set of data that can be searched across and queried using one methodology and toolset. And because the system is built with data accessibility in mind, the resulting data can be analyzed either through NowVertical’s analytic platform or through an analytics tool of the client’s choosing.

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