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Data governance for your unstructured data

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Automatically catalog unstructured files and documents to define the data you have, what it contains, where it resides, and who has access to it

Discovery & Classification

Scan and automatically classify your unstructured file data in commonly used enterprise platforms

Inventory & Mapping

Create an inventory and mapping of where your data lives & who has access to it

Data Subject Access Requests

Identify and report on data related to specific subjects and entities

Enterprise Search

Efficiently search across all of your unstructured file data

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Take a data-centric approach to Governance Risk and Compliance

NOW Privacy helps organizations to create a consistent and rigorous approach to managing unstructured data across the business enterprise. It provides strategy and structure, ensuring that data is managed as an asset and transformed into meaningful information.

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Reduce Risk

Data governance helps the enterprise understand how data is linked to business processes and outcomes, enabling a data strategy and prioritizing data management activities based on business goals such as increasing revenue, decreasing cost, and minimizing risk.

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Increase Security

Data governance is essential to cybersecurity. In order to protect against threats, the enterprise needs to know what data to protect and how best to protect it. Data governance allows an enterprise to identify its high-value, high-risk datasets and allocate relevant resources to protect the data.

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