NOW Privacy

Know your data. Know the truth.

Reveal the risk across your entire data estate. Discover and address exposure with a data discovery platform and workflows that meet your actual needs.

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42% Improved Security Posture

Locate & protect corporate sensitive information to strengthen security

80% Over-Retained Data Removed

Uncover personal information, boost compliance to regulation

58% Cost Reduction

Reduce costs by removing redundant data & cut carbon emissions too

A single data discovery platform. Ultimate visibility across your structured and unstructured information.

Exonar connect


Connect to all your data sources to create a single searchable index of your unstructured and structured information wherever it is. Identify risk and the value that's within it.

Exonar overview dashboard


Get an enriched view of your information. See not just the metadata, but the content of every file too. Identify sensitive data and risky information. Prioritize the issues that need to be addressed.

Exonar sensitive information dashboard


Bulk classify specific types of information for action or remediation based on what you have discovered. Ensure your organization can protect and control sensitive, no matter where it lives.

Exonar sensitive information dashboard


Supercharge your existing data remediation technologies by connecting to NOW Privacy’s index of everything with our API. Remove the risk and drive business value, fast.

The NOW Privacy Data Discovery Difference


Index billions of data points from your organization’s structured and unstructured information


View your data in a dashboard or drill down to the content of every item - not just the metadata


Discover your data instantly with powerful search results in seconds, not hours or days

Inspiration to Act

Discover and truly understand your entire data estate. Advanced workflows and value-added context across data, regardless of structure.

Discover graphic


NOW Privacy indexes your structured and unstructured data at a vast scale so you can discover and reduce the extent of the risk hidden within.

Solve graphic


NOW Privacy establishes what your data risk is and where it sits, so you get the power and context to solve the risks discovered.

Prevent graphic


When you know what’s in your data and where it is, you can prevent and protect sensitive data from being obtained in data breaches and maintain regulatory data management standards.

[NOW Privacy’s] approach is really refreshing, and everything they promised was realised during the proof-of-concept. From the start I’ve liked how they’ve talked to us about the software and services they offer. The fact they are our ‘strategic partner’ has made all the difference to our experience, which is why we’re now looking beyond simply discovering data and are partnering to build out a product that finds the value in our data.

Dave ParkerFormer Global Head of Data Governance, Arrow Global
Dave Parker

Saga is incredibly diverse, and the old e-discovery solution was not flexible enough to meet our demands. [NOW Privacy] enables us to identify and report in a very visual way so we can work with the business, focus on critical assets and ensure we have nailed data retention policy.

Paul ClementsChief Information Security Officer, Saga
Paul Clements
NOW Privacy

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