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A data science platform developed to level the analytic playing field and empower users with a complete set of tools to accomplish a myriad of analytic tasks with ease


Access the most popular open source projects from the data science and AI/ML domains in a single integrated ready-to-use platform


Explore, analyze, and visualize data with a wide variety of views from direct data querying to charts, maps, and more


Enable seamless collaboration between data scientists, subject matter experts, and analysts with shared access to tools and data on a project-by-project basis

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Empower the Individuals

Data scientists and IT teams often spend days and weeks setting up, configuring, and integrating tools, open source software packages, and data needed for a project. Our users are capable of creating a development environment in a matter of minutes with the appropriate database, security, and software packages loaded and integrated without assistance from IT admins. NOW DataBench empowers the user with a complete set of tools to complete their development and data science tasks successfully with ease.

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Break Data Silos

Each project and its components benefit from a coherent and single data storage and database management system. This enables new collaboration possibilities between data scientists and business users while maintaining and securing the content on a project-by-project basis. Finally, data doesn‘t need to move from one application to another to enable further use cases. The integrated business intelligence and data visualization tools can read and display data that was created by the data science apps seamlessly.

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Manage & Scale Data Science Projects

NOW DataBench is designed with enterprise governance and security requirements in mind. Project creators can manage costs and monitor project usage while project owners can assign roles and delegate access to other team members. Each application used within the NOW DataBench ecosystem operates under this model to enable hierarchical governance for those sophisticated users who manage groups of data scientists.

NOW DataBench

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