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Unlock in-depth audience analysis that surpasses the competition like no other. With NOW Affinio, you can efficiently collect an audience from many flexible lenses, segment it into clusters, and surface the audience insights in an easy-to-understand dashboard.

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What Sets Us Apart from the Rest

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Built for the Global Enterprise

Now your entire marketing team can work from one source of truth. NOW Affinio is loved by Marketing Strategists, Consumer Insights, Social Media Marketing, and Brand Managers alike. We’ve helped countless Fortune 500 companies, and their agencies, win with audience insights.

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Fastest Implementation

Voted the fastest implementation, once you sign up for NOW Affinio, you can hit the ground running on your next campaign or agency pitch right away. Out of the “box”, you’ll get detailed quantifiable insights for the true strategist who has data-driven needs, as well as ready-made visuals meaning no BI tools are required. In addition to our self-service platform, we offer the option to act as an Analyst on your behalf.

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Unmatched Customer Support

Work with industry experts who will help guide you to unearth business-changing insights in every NOW Affinio report. Our team partners with you from onboarding to beyond because your success is our success.

Work From One Source Of Truth

Scalable for Any Business Objective

Understand global audiences (even the silent majority) in terms of their actual interests, values, behaviors, demographics, and content consumption - whether existing or proxy customers. Use these insights to power your entire campaign workflow. Or even leverage our partner network for specialty use cases.

Find Customer Doppelgangers

Our approach is all about affinities - hence our name. NOW Affinio segments audiences based purely on patterns in the passions they follow—not on who is in their network or how frequently they engage. This means you uncover groups of like-minded individuals who can be reached with personalized messaging around their interests that is guaranteed to resonate. NOW Affinio is all about relevance.

All-in-One Campaign Companion

The beauty of NOW Affinio is in how many ways it can power your enterprise marketing goals. Its insights can inform all of customer segmentation, global market research, persona development, public relations, crisis communications, media planning, content and creative strategy, advertising activation, influencer marketing, and partnership identification. One application for many departments. It’s versatile, to say the least.

Why Our Customers Love The NOW Affinio Platform

“My team has been using Affinio insights for a lot of client consultation and RFP building. We've revealed certain customer groups to brands who were unaware, and have been able to show potential customers that we're capable of breaking down their fanbase as well as the competition's.”

- Andres D.

“When we were first developing our Influencer Marketing and Earned Media offering, we needed a tool that could help us source individual influencers, industry-specific publications, events, professional associations, top-shared content, and social media conversations. We've been finding new use cases for the product since we initiated our membership.”

- Abby T.

“Literally use this tool for every client to give deeper insights into who their audience is, what characteristics they share, their social activity, and their likelihood to engage. The look-alike audiences tool is also useful for building out a specific tribe to use in audience targeting on Twitter. Insights can apply to content marketing, social media strategy, and monitoring/listening.”

- Lauren T.
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