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NOW Affinio for Snowflake

We have configured our signature technology to enable privacy-safe analytics and data collaboration on your own data (first-party or third-party) - see why that’s a good thing.

Data Transformation Challenges, Explained

A major focus for many modern organizations, is to understand their data holistically in a deeper more intimate way - and most importantly, visualize these data insights.

The Starved Data Challenge icon

The Starved Data Challenge

Many organizations have limited customer behavioral signals and instead rely on partner data, and partner insights, or are forced to leverage limited 3rd-party insights. This hunger for insights is challenging to satiate when you cannot easily integrate your 1st and 3rd party data analytics.

The Data Silo Challenge icon

The Data Silo Challenge

It’s a tale as old as time. Across organizations, some (fortunate) teams have broad customer behavioral data, but across this same organization, it’s often siloed between departments or divisions, so those who need it don’t have access to it. Sound familiar?

The Data Overload Challenge icon

The Data Overload Challenge

Some organizations are compiling massive amounts of data, but they’re drowning in it. Meaning, when they need to answer the most basic business questions, it causes data science team backlogs and simply lacks speed-to-insight. We call this data overload, and sometimes too much of a good thing can feel overwhelming.

Why NOW Affinio + Snowflake?

Enable analytics without copying, moving, extracting or exposing data.

Ability to keep data intact in your own Snowflake instance
Easy access and installation via Marketplace
Trials are easy to get, or pay-as-you-go
Cloud-provider agnostic
Doesn’t require switchover; port what’s needed
You control the desired compute and storage
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NOW Affinio for Your First-Party Consumer Data — How Does It Work?

Traditionally, to extract insights from data inside warehouses, users are limited to SQL capabilities. The process of finding data connections and patterns can take weeks or months and is typically done by a data scientist. Our graph technology runs natively inside Snowflake's Data Cloud. This means that anyone who uses Snowflake's Data Cloud can analyze consumer data using NOW Affinio, without moving or exposing their data.

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Five Automated Marketing Workflow Apps

NOW Affinio created five automated marketing workflow apps that can be used by anyone — with or without a technical background — to instantly surface insights on their consumers.

Consumer Profiling

Consumer Profiling

Generate rich, data-driven personas for understanding audience behaviors.

  • Profile your most valuable customers, identifying the attributes that make that segment unique to the rest of the customer base.
  • Unlock customer analytics and insights across all data in the warehouse.
  • Automatically discover over-indexing affinities and behaviors to develop data-driven personas for personalization and targeting.
Propensity Modeling

Propensity Modeling

Leverage propensity scores for high-performing marketing campaigns.

  • This app prepares your data to make scoring predictions around the likelihood that customers will exhibit some target behavior.
  • Identify who among your audience is most likely to actually click an ad, make a purchase, accept an offer, sign up for a service, or stay loyal.
  • Even use it to predict unwanted behaviors — like churn — so you can minimize impact.
Segment Overlap

Segment Overlap

Assess desired media channels for campaigns or data enrichment opportunities.

  • Identify segment overlaps between your customer data and multiple other strategic publishers and enrichment partners, simultaneously in one view (without ANY party exposing private data or PII).
  • Brand marketers can use this app to prioritize those prospective partners with the highest synergy among their existing or target customer base.
  • Publishers can assess overlap between an advertiser’s first-party data and their own viewers/readers/listeners for ad sales pitches and activation placement without needing to be exposed to the advertisers.


Nurture and leverage your first-party data seeds in a whole new light.

  • Automatically create scalable custom audiences based on first-party data “seeds” within strategic publishers’ / enrichment partners’ Snowflake environments.
  • Leverage this app to find and acquire new customers based on your data while safely keeping the definition of this originating segment “blind” to the publishers.
  • Publishers and Data Providers can use this app to enable lead generation for their core offerings or for enabling automated ‘custom’ extended audiences as a premium offering.
Audience Clustering

Audience Clustering

Allows you to bust the myths or biases about your customers.

  • Cluster your customers or prospects in seconds based on any or all desired attributes available in your owned data - whether it’s behaviors, interests, profiles, transactions, or other.
  • Know which types of personas to focus on, and help guide your strategy to better engage customers, or uncover a new segment of customers you didn’t realize existed.
  • Unlock customer insights using data-driven “unsupervised” patterns that foster personalization for inspiring messaging that will resonate.
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