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Uncover Audiences That Are Active or Passive

Gain insights on the silent majority who consume content and express their interests via following patterns — not posts.

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Unleash The Vast Insights In 1B Twitter Profiles

Imagine being able to tap into a vast resource that can help you identify new audiences? Seems not-so-difficult, right? Well, imagine being able to tap into 1B Twitter profiles—whether they’re actively engaging or not—and understand any audience with deeper insights. That’s the power of NOW Affinio.

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Connect The Dots By Comparing Affinities

We can identify any relevant profiles - those of your current customers, those of proxy customers like them, or those of competitors - unraveling affinities into a clear picture you can strategize around. We like to think of it as walking a mile in their e-shoes.

Be a Trend-Tracker

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Keep Your Finger On The Pulse

Interests change over time — and if there’s one thing we can always count on, it’s trends coming, and going. Spotting trends in your audience — whether it’s what they’re doing, talking about or caring about — can help you stay on top of your vertical and your personas, and most importantly, help you hone your competitive advantage.

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Power Your Targeting Strategy

Affinio’s custom graph technology is designed for audience Insights-to-Activations. Our technology is being used by global customers to automatically discover affinity-based audiences, create data-driven personas, inform ad copy and media placement, and generate scalable “behave-alikes” for targeting.

I use NOW Affinio when I need to understand Twitter audience makeups and the relationships within these groupings, whether they be a specific account's followers, a conglomerate of multiple accounts, or other social-based audience lists I've sourced elsewhere. NOW Affinio gives me the opportunity to dive into the nuances of cohort clusters to uncover what makes each cluster similar, different, who they follow, and how I can better understand them. It informs what their behaviors might be in a way I'm able to use for social listening and strategy planning.

Alex McPhersonDirector of Cultural Forensics at Methods+Mastery Agency
Alex McPherson
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