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Segment, Analyze, and Understand Any Audience

Powered by graph analytics, NOW Affinio unlocks meaningful patterns and relationships across social data, allowing you to understand and visualize audiences through their shared interests and affinities.

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60 Seconds

Get high-level audience sizing, overlaps, and affinities instantly with NOW Affinio Express queries. Then gauge whether to take segmentation further with a NOW Affinio Classic detailed clustering report.

100% Lens

Uncover what the bulk of social users are all about. Many social users consume content but don’t actively post, yet NOW Affinio surfaces valuable insights about full-picture audiences.

1 Billion

Slice audiences from more than 1B unbiased global profiles to proxy any persona for true scalability unmatched by surveys—drive global strategy without ever leaving your desk.

NOW Affinio is amazingly easy-to-use, here's what the process looks like

Step 1

Decide on the social audience you want to explore (e.g. brand followers, competitive followers, prospects, or a list).

Step 2

Let NOW Affinio collect this audience and segment it into clusters based on shared interests.

Step 3

Scan and visualize insights about this audience through our easy-on-the-eyes, interactive platform.

Step 4

Use these insights to build winning, data-driven marketing strategies.

Everyone Wins With Audience Intelligence

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Find Your Hyper-Targeted Audience Segments

Leverage our Audience Intelligence platform to put yourself in the heart of any community, and quickly understand them through their interests, affinities, and the content they consume. Whether you’re trying to win new client pitches, or learn more about your existing or prospective audiences, NOW Affinio has the answers for enabling personalization at scale.

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Now You Can Know: Is It Really a Crisis?

Manage your PR crisis communications like never before - understand if the buzz online is just a blip, or something to be more concerned about. Now you can tackle any snafu with more facts than feelings at your disposal. Press can make or break a brand - and bad press happens fast, so stay on your toes with NOW Affinio.

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Marketing Strategy - Faster, Smarter and More Visual

Whether you’re trying to better create personas, study competitors, choose media, or find relevant influencers - marketers can now have audience intelligence at their fingertips to plan and optimize campaigns, discovering hidden nuggets unknown before. Even benchmark your brand against competitors, general personas, media targets, or the rest of your owned portfolio.

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Partnership Insights for Business Development

Build brand partnerships that matter, and gain an upper hand in new business opportunities with NOW Affinio. Power your efforts and be armed with everything you need to know to grow - from co-promotion opportunities, to micro and macro influencer selection, to ads sales prospecting, and even business acquisition targets.

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The Power of NOW Affinio, Explained

Understand Any Audience, In-Depth, With Just a Few Clicks

Run an analysis on any audience on Twitter - your customers, your client's, competitors, or a target audience.​ NOW Affinio will collect this audience, segment it into clusters, and surface the insights in an easy-to-understand dashboard. ​Receive reports in 1-2 hours - which is a fraction of the time and cost of traditional research methods.

Uncover Audiences That Are Active or Passive

Gain insights on the silent majority who consume content and express their interests via following patterns — not posts. Flexibly define audiences through any lens: what people follow, how they self-describe, where they live, or what they talk about. With reporting like this, who needs to second guess their personas or targeting efforts?

Gauge the Need For Damage Control

With NOW Affinio, you can collect everyone on Twitter sharing a specific URL to a website, article, etc. You can also upload a list of Twitter authors from social listening to personify a conversation. NOW Affinio will segment this audience and surface their top interests and affinities. For crisis communications, PR and marketing campaigns - this reporting makes lemonade out of headaches.

NOW Affinio gives me the opportunity to dive into the nuances of what makes individuals within clusters similar and what can make them different, who they follow and how I can better understand them. This informs what their behaviors might be and how I can utilize that within otherwise social listening and planning.

Alex McPhersonVP at Methods+Mastery Agency
Alex McPherson

[Twitter] was the only platform where we could reach engaged users with Stephen King core content. We wanted people who talk about Stephen King, engage with him and so on, which NOW Affinio Audiences does in spades.

Brendan DimitriAssociate Director at Hearts & Science
Brendan Dimitri
NOW Affinio

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