POPI Compliance with NOW Privacy, Formerly DocAuthority

POPI Compliance with NOW Privacy, Formerly DocAuthority

May 17, 2022

POPI compliance, like its counterparts in other parts of the world, has the following privacy requirements. You must keep a record of what personal data you hold and the purpose for which the data is held.

  1. Ensure you only retain personal data for as long as you need it (and take steps to dispose of it in a timely fashion).
  2. Control who in your organization can access personal data and which other businesses it is shared with.
  3. While doing these three things will not ensure you are fully compliant with POPI, not doing any of them will ensure you are not compliant.

These three objectives are the cornerstones of safeguarding the personal data which you process and store. These three objectives are versatile too and are just as applicable to GDPR or CCPA as well as POPI.

The business challenge

The business challenge

We often see the challenges customers face when unstructured data starts to be overtaken by structured privacy regulations like POPI. One way to mitigate this is to bring more structure to unstructured data sets to narrow the gaps. NOW Privacy, formerly DocAuthority, excels in this.

POPI Rosette

Unstructured data meets structured POPI regulations

NOW Privacy will help find personal data. It can also help find the business processes, departments and business owners who are collecting and storing it.

But finding personal data is only half the battle. What will you do with a million files which contain a variety of personally identifiable data (PII)? What will you do with 10 million files?

With even modest volumes of personal data, technology is essential. When selecting a technology solution, organizations don’t focus enough on who will use it. The data belongs to the business and they must actively contribute and participate in any compliance activity.

POPI Compliance with NOW Privacy

POPI Compliance with NOW Privacy

Businesses who are considering an investment in information governance tooling should know that NOW Privacy runs proof of value engagements. We will install and configure our software remotely in a couple of hours. We will then scan a small proportion of your business data. This is usually 500K-1M files. Then, we will write you a report based on what you are trying to achieve and our findings. We don’t charge for this.

POPI compliance can be easily combined with other value adding activities. There are a range of benefits for NOW Privacy customers too. You’ll be able to safely delete 25% to 35% of your data which will reduce cost and risk. Business productivity will increase as you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for more easily. If you work hard to realize the benefits of information governance, then you can expect to off-set the costs of your POPI compliance and more. NOW Privacy is designed for both business and security professionals alike.

NOW Privacy is a tool of compliance, information risk management and data governance. But above all, it's a tool for business users to manage their data.

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