[News] Expanding our Vertical Intelligence Solutions for Marketing with Resonant Analytics

[News] Expanding our Vertical Intelligence Solutions for Marketing with Resonant Analytics

August 23, 2022

Recently, we announced that NowVertical Group Inc. has completed its acquisition of Resonant Analytics, LLC, a US-based guided solutions analytics firm. Resonant Analytics will be part of the NOW Solutions brand of our parent company.

Resonant works with some of the world’s most recognizable global enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies and customers like Adobe, Palo Alto Networks, and DocuSign. Founded in 2010, Resonant has more than a decade of expertise in providing guided solutions throughout the marketing data analytics value chain. 

“Analysts know data, not business strategy. Sales and marketing teams know their objectives, but it’s not always easy to get the information they need to make informed decisions. Resonant Analytics bridges the gap,” Dr. James "Jackson" Barrett, Resonant founder, explains. 

Resonant’s experts apply the power of analytics and sophisticated statistical modeling, AI, and ML to solve real-world business problems. It supplies clear, actionable insights to business leaders, helping them devise informed strategies and make better decisions. Resonant’s focus is to deliver 5 to 10X ROI for its customers — and it achieves that.

For instance, their engagement with Adobe elucidates this. Adobe approached Resonant with an objective relating to Relationship Marketing. Their goal was to engage customers in an increasingly relevant dialogue to foster long-term, profitable relationships.

Using a three-pronged approach, Resonant focused on the following solutions to their problem:

Identify and Aggregate Relevant Data Sources

  • Identify data sources and determine relevance to the business solution required.
  • Integrate data sources to provide a complete view of the customer interactions with the brand.

Modeling and Segmentation

  • Develop customer profiles and segmentation to enhance communication relevance.
  • Model customer response and value to improve and optimize marketing investments.

Develop Relevant Communications and Contact Points

  • Identify customer communication preferences.
  • Create messaging that is relevant to the customer profile and segment

Through Resonant’s engagement with Adobe, it was discovered that relationship marketing enhancements led to a 39% increase in Customer Lifetime Value or LTV. This equated to an LTV Lift from Relationship Marketing that delivered $815 Million in Incremental Customer Value. By enhancing best practices, segmentation, customized offers and communications, response score-based selections, and highly targeted marketing programs - Resonant was able to drive higher customer value and large gains in incremental revenue.

If you’d like to learn more about Resonant Analytics, please visit our Contact Us page here and drop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you.


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